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Website Development

Graytech Computers can you the perfect website to suit your needs and budget. We can build anything from a few simple web pages through to advanced web based systems. We can handle everything from the design through to constructuion and of your site. Our hosting service can then host the finished sie on our webservers. Graytech computers can take care of all of the technical details for you, so that you only need to specify what content you need and how you would like your site to look. We can provide expert advice as to whats possible.

Our basic website package includes basic web pages that include visual design custom tailored to suit your buisness, with your own logos and corperate colour scheme. Easy to use menu navigation links are included, and we can also include your choice of images.

If your website needs are more advanced, we can include basic forms as well as everything needed to process these forms.

Graytech computers can also build complex and sophisticated web based systems to suit any need. Wether you need an e-comerce system, a online sports competition management system, or anything else imaiginable, Graytech can build it for you. Our web based systems are custom built and tailored to your specific needs.

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