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Graytech Computers can get you on the internet with our range of broardband ADSL plans to suit any budget or usage level. Visit our online portal today to set up your broardband internet connection.

Information for Existing Graytech ADSL Customers

If you are an existing Graytech ADSL customer, you can use our online portal to recieve support and see details about your account. You can also access your usage statistics from the ADSL Traffic Statistics Viewer. Status information is availiable at the ADSL Status page.

Setup information is availiable on the ADSL configuration information page. You can also have our expert staff set up your connection for you.

If you need to find out your IP address, you can do so at

If you need to test your ADSL speed, you can do so at the speed test page.

If you dont know their login password, you can use the password reset page to change it.

If you have other difficulties, please contact the Helpdesk at, or by phone (03) 5410 1145.

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